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A picture of a camel, with the words "guess what day it is" above and below "stop waiting for Friday" and "hashtag andrew harrison"

The Final 10 – Motivational Poetry

Stop waiting for Friday. Or one Friday, You’ll wish for one more Wednesday, To hear that guy, We all know the one, Who says Happy Hump Day as he walks by. That guy lives for Wednesday. You should live for today. Travel, work from the road if you must. But don’t delay today, for tomorrow’s […]

The Final 10 – The Beginning of my Journey.

The Final 10 – The Beginning of my Journey.

As I mentioned in my prior post about my weight-loss journey, I read a story about a woman who lost over 150 pounds without any exercise.  It just popped up in my news feed as if it was meant to be.  Looking back, maybe it was fate after all.  September 21, 2018 I had just […]