A real 2020 resolution. Give more, expect less.

2020 Goal

We all have something we can give.




I know, I know. But Andrew, we’re strapped, we can’t give this year.

I feel your pain, we’re in the same boat.

The mortgage is paid, the car is paid, but where the kid’s new school clothes, braces, shoes, groceries, are going to come from is in the air.

I get it.

There’s no money to give.

And god forbid, you lose your job, then it’s all up in the air.


We all have time we can give. The time you’d spend sleeping in, the time watching Netflix, the time surfing Instagram.

My challenge for 2020 is to give some of that time away.

Forget the money, time is our most valuable asset. We’re all going to die, one day.

Think about it. You have something of value you can drop on a friend or a stranger.

Maybe it’s a motivational message on social or text.

Walk a stranger through changing the fan motor in their fridge.

Share your weight loss story.

Pull a neighbors weeds.

Tutor a friend’s kid.

The point is this…

As a society we’ve gotten so accustomed to worrying what other people think of us, that we turn a blind eye to those in need and judge the person who is asking for help.

Think about how humbling it must be, to post on the internet, that you need help.

I get it, there are people who are always asking for help. I challenge you to find a way. Don’t give them money, instead, change their life. Offer a job, offer financial advice, offer to fix their appliances, help paint..


Or maybe you’re a person who enjoys giving to (insert charity here.)

Keep doing that.


The kicker. Don’t tell a soul what you did.

No one.

The universe is funny.

You’re going to feel a lot better about yourself after.

And that good feeling will carry into your life and make you more successful.

You might even find, that the task you completed for the person in need is your passion, turn that into a business.

Wrapping up… Help your brother/sister in need.

And do so, without expectation of anything in return. Without telling a soul what you did.

That is the goal for 2020.

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