Balancing Needs and Wants while feeding the kids

Needs and Wants.

We keep a dry erase board on the fridge for things to get at the grocery.

It always gets filled with wants, and not needs.

But… What do you mean?

Wants are cravings, things you want in the moment, but don’t actually need to survive.

Needs are the life necessities, like toilet(ass) paper, milk, and eggs.

But waffles, french toast sticks, and cookies are things the kids want, that made the list.

It’s a challenge balancing a picky eater with healthy foods.

Wants are what got me fat, and are making my kids fat. It’s a struggle as a father to balance that out. I can’t tell my 7 year old he’s fat, even though he’s been putting on weight, and at the same time, I need my 2 year old to eat something. Nuh-Uh is his normal response to any meat.

Instead it’s a conversation. Let’s have some oatmeal with bananas, let’s try some asparagus rather than ice cream, let’s have frozen grapes instead of a Milky Way.

In the end, I got everything on this list at the store. But I also got hamburger, pork loin, Funyuns, and chicken tenders.

I also bought grapes, asparagus, rotini, spaghetti sauce, hamburger helper, and cucumbers.

Even though not everything on my receipt is healthy, it’s reasonable and can be portioned.

And the cookies can be an experience. My 7 year old will help mix the oil and eggs to make the cookie batter. And while he may eat too many cookies this week, he’ll build a memory of making cookies with his mom, that can’t be erased.

I think a lot of what gets us to where we’re not happy with ourselves, is letting our wants rule our minds at the grocery store and taking the easy route when it comes to…

“Will the kids eat this?”

Ask yourself, do I “need” this when you reach for something.

And… never grocery shop while hungry 😂

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