How a pair of jeans changed my life.

How a pair of jeans changed my life.

What do you see?

A pair of jeans?

Size 40.

Inseam 32.

Style 514.

Here’s what I see.

A memory, of a day I felt great about my self.


The next day, I put these on and I kept touching my own butt.

Yes, I know that’s weird. But seriously, I would stand up and touch my butt, the feel of the denim, fitting against my butt, not sagging, not lose.

A pair of jeans?


But a magical pair of jeans. Like a magic pill you take to feel better about yourself.

At the time I got these, January 2019, I had already lost 25lbs. I was halfway to my goal, and tired of tugging at my belt. I was slouching around in my size 44, off brand, fat guy jeans, wanting to show off how far I had come and feel better about the journey.

So, I took the whole family to the outlet store, just so I could try on some Levi’s.

Some jeans that fit and showed off my new butt.

I tried on several pairs, and was shocked I was a size 40.

It’s funny that I happened to be a size 40, with my 40th Birthday in sight.

Long story short, I hit my 50lb goal, then went another 20lbs and I’m now down from a size 44 to a 34 and 70lbs are gone forever.

So… The size 40’s you see in the picture, weren’t the goal after all, but at the same time they were. My goal was to feel better about myself, and by doing so, it motivated me to keep going.

So these jeans are truly magical.

If you’re on this journey, go spend the money on something new that shows off your progress, but more importantly, makes you feel better.

And one day, like me, you’ll find yourself struggling to put that thing for sale, or donate it, because it has so much special meaning.

For someone out there, these 40’s are goal pants. And until I find him, I have them listed for $500.

Now, at the age of 40, I’m ready to pass them on, to the right person.

Jeans for sale

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