I’ve always been shy.

So much so, that I’ve missed a lot of opportunities in my life.

I just couldn’t bring myself to get the courage to speak up.

I just couldn’t grab her hand

I just couldn’t speak up about an idea.

I just couldn’t…

If that’s you, then keep reading.

We go through our lives worried about making a mistake, worried about hurting someone else’s feelings, being rejected, or being too forward.

Some people have the gift of skipping this step and are naturally un-shy. This isn’t you.

Whatever form it takes, we’re being shy, not because we aren’t capable of being a leader, but because something in our past, has made us afraid of taking that next step.

We could go on for days making excuses, but it only takes a moment to accept our shortfall.

For me, it was about understanding my own shyness. I would overthink everything. Always mapping out the possible outcomes, and they were all bad.

We get caught up in the what if’s.

What I’ve found, is that it was my own self image getting in the way…

You’re not good enough.

You’re not strong enough.

You’re not handsome enough.

It’s not until you grab yourself by the balls and say, you are good enough, you are strong enough, you are handsome enough.

But why?

You put too much value on the opinion of others.

You worry about what others will think.

What will they say?

How long will they say it?

But, they aren’t even paying attention to you in the end.

We don’t even imagine what it would be like to win.

Quit giving other people’s opinion of you any weight.

You get one life to live.

Grab her hand.

Speak up about injustice.

Speak your mind in a meeting.

Share your opinion.

You really have nothing to lose.

Speaking up brings gains.

So… How do you overcome that voice in your head holding you back?

It’s simple.

When you think of something, before those doubts enter your mind…

Count down




Your mind is wired to go on 3.

I challenge you to go on 2.

Fuck 3, by 3 other people’s doubts sneak in. Go on 2, just do it, take a chance, and once you get a few wins under your belt, it’ll come naturally.

Armed with this mentality the world is your oyster so to speak.

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