Self Actualization – Top of the Pyramid

Think about it.

What if… all of your life, you’ve been led to believe you’re meant to carry the weight?

To take the #abuse.

To carry the load.

You’d give in. Right?

You would accept your place in life, take a menial job, and be the best you could be at it.

But… What if there was a #thoroughbred inside of you, that never realized it’s true potential?

You go about your day, making your place in life, but something deep down is saying, you can do more.

You never feel comfortable working for the man.

But… your friends, your family, your self, tell you, that you’re a hard worker, who never lets them down, and remind you of your place as a worker, who carried their load, and doesn’t complain.

It’s damn hard to break out of that rut, to put aside everyone’s #opinion of your place in life, and lead the life you know is inside of you.

You drink too much.

You smoke too much.

Maybe you even take pain killers too much.

You’ve imagined your own death

What if I told you, there’s a solution?

Stop giving other people’s opinions of you any weight.


I fucking mean it.


Stop letting others tell you who you are.

Stop letting others define you.

Stop letting others criticize you.

At the end of the day, it’s you.

It’s you.

You matter. You control your life. You can do it.

Channel the thoroughbred inside of you and show yourself what you’re capable of.

Once you see that, unleash your true potential on the world.

And when someone says, “why?” Let them know, I’m doing me.