Month: November 2019

Spicy Cucumber

Spicy Cucumber

A spicy cucumber, is a light snack to keep you on track. It’s like an immature spicy pickle.

Your Want-To is Broken, Being a Mentor.

How to actually lead the team you’re expected to manage Ever Heard that? “But dad, I don’t want to.” We’ve all said it, at some point. But very few of us have heard the response, “your want-to is broken.” If you have, you’ve had a good coach or dad in your life. But… Not a […]

Self Actualization – Top of the Pyramid

Think about it. What if… all of your life, you’ve been led to believe you’re meant to carry the weight? To take the #abuse. To carry the load. You’d give in. Right? You would accept your place in life, take a menial job, and be the best you could be at it. But… What if […]