How to Bring Positivity to Today’s World.

How to Bring Positivity to Today’s World.

𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓸𝓷𝓵𝔂 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓸𝓷𝓬𝓮

I get it, it sounds cliche.

But it’s, true.

You get one life to live, and two deaths.

What you talkin bout Willis?

They say you die twice, once when your body says, “I’m out.” Again, when your name is mentioned for the last time.

Do you want to keep going through life saying:

I’ll lose this weight one day.
She’ll get over it.
He wasn’t important anyways.

Or would you rather say, “today is the day?” The day I do something about my weight.

The day I apologize to Stephanie.

The day I tell Austin “I’m sorry, you do matter.”

You get one life, you have to reach a point in it where you say, “let’s live it.”

Hopefully that point is closer to the beginning than the end.

But, even if you’re 40, you still have plenty of runway ahead to hit the brakes and take off again.

The world can be a cruel and nasty place. Don’t add to it.

Grab yourself by the collar, get a good grip, and look inside.

Do you really like what you see?

I bet you don’t.

I get it. A year ago, I would troll people on Facebook, just to start an argument, for entertainment.

Why? For a laugh?

Yes. I was a terrible human being at the time, overweight, and trying to feel better about myself by tearing other people down.

It wasn’t until I lost all of this weight, and pushed myself, that I began to cheer on others going through the same struggles.

And it led to some really great conversations and uplifting comments. It feels way better to help someone, than to hurt them.

How to?

Spend the next few months fixing yourself, for you. Find what makes the hair on your arms stand up again when you think about it.

You know.

Once you’ve lit that fire in your belly again, come back and share your story and inspire others to make that change.

Inspire others with your life, give more than you take, stay humble, take that trip you’ve always dreamed about, no matter the cost.

Just don’t find yourself, at 75, saying “I wish.” We fix society, by fixing ourselves first, then spreading our message to others.

Be the change you want to see in the Universe.

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