Being bullied at soccer practice

Being bullied at soccer practice

No motivational message tonight, no story about how you can do this.

Just a reflection on life.

Work is kicking my ass, and I’ve been down. But, I can’t complain because I’ve lost 70 lbs and can finally be the dad my kids deserve.

I left work on time today because something bigger was waiting on me. I have something big, due tomorrow, but it can wait.

Monday nights are soccer nights.

You can find me sitting on the sidelines amongst the soccer moms, watching the boys playing, minding my own business.

Phone in hand, reading, relaxing. Enjoying the Arizona sunset .

I want to be there for soccer, both for him, and for the amazing Arizona sunsets. And I don’t mind that I can hear everyone else gossiping or having to get up to help chase a ball.

I would just close this message as a message to all of the parents who don’t put their kids in sports.

Do it for them, let them learn to be active and compete. Even if they’re terrible, they’re having fun.

Get out and get some fresh air while your kids get coached.

Don’t jump in, just let it happen.

Tonight, Jack was being bullied by another kid. Jack told the kid it wasn’t his fault he didn’t have cleats yet, and the kid began kicking Jack’s cleats with his Vans.

As if to dirty the new cleats his grandparents got him, and just as I was about to squirt the bully with water to stop him, my son Jack stood up for himself and kicked the bully, who also didn’t have shin pads, square in the shin.

My son learned to stand up for himself. That isn’t a lesson you can teach them, they have to figure it out on their own.

And while it’s ironic the kid being the bully, is the only kid who doesn’t have the proper equipment for practice, it makes you wonder what would have happened if his parents just came to watch practice?

Get out and be active. Not for the kids, but for you. Once you’ve found you, the kids will enjoy your company even more.

Thank you for your time today,


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