Do it for you.  Then, the kids.

Do it for you. Then, the kids.

Arizona has the best sunsets.

Tonight I had the privilege of taking my oldest son to his first 3rd grade soccer practice of the year.

It was 105 degrees when we got there.

But we arrived early so we could play before practice, water in hand.

We spent about 15 minutes playing, while he tried to steal the ball from me, as I dribbled around, up and down the field.

Other kids saw us having fun and asked to join in. Each time my son warned the new kid “beware, my dad is really good.”

Next thing I know, it’s me against 4 kids.

Full disclosure: I’m actually terrible at soccer.

Here I sit, worn out, but you know what? A year ago at 270lbs, my son and I would have just been there passing around the ball like PONG because I was fat and tired.

I’m so happy I decided to drop all of this weight.

I did it for me. And if you read this far, that’s the point.

You have to be all in 100%. You have to want this for you.

Sure, I get it, you want to be there for the kids, but that’s the inspiration that led you to set a goal and start, but not the motivation to keep going.

The real motivation is challenging yourself to hit your daily/weekly goals and seeing real change in yourself. As you progress, you’ll be rewarded by being tired. Once you relax, you’ll realize the rewards.

I’m tired because I gave the kids memories.

And that is the best feeling in the world.

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