Change the world for 30 cents a week.

Change the world for 30 cents a week.

This isn’t a ploy to get you to support some strange charity who proclaims to give all of the money to starving kids in Africa. Although, I would encourage you to do so, if it’s within your means.

This is a Friday Challenge.

You’ve heard the glass half empty or glass half full metaphor. Or you came here expecting #drinks

What you missed is that the glass is #refillable.

You pour your ❤️ out all week in to your work, your friends, your kids, your relationship. Your glass is feeling #empty

Use #Friday to recharge for the weekend.

This is a spin on the @garyvee $1.80 strategy to gain followers.

Here’s How:

1. Take the top 3 hashtags you used in your last 3 posts. Those should represent your current #mindset. Search those on Instagram via the “tags” option. Further narrow those down by hitting “Recent.”

2. Search those 3 #hashtags and find the top 5 posts that appeal to you under each one.

3 x 5=15

3. Give your 2 cents on those 15 posts saying something positive about the poster, or answering a question someone asked. You don’t have to do it all at once.

4. Still with me? You’re going to get a response from at least one person. #refill your glass with their #gratitude for the compliment, or the discussion that follows.

Congrats. You’ve just given your 2 cents on 15 posts. That’s 30 cents.

This is all about giving without expectation. Do one small thing to help someone else through their day.

And your rewards will be 10x what you gave away.

You have the power to change the world, one person at a time.

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