The Final 10 – Doubt

The Final 10 – Doubt

Tonight I’m living a reality. The app I was using shared my before and after pics on Instagram.

My naked torso is out there for the world to see. My stretch marks, my man boobs, my dirty mirror.

Every inch of doubt in my body is rearing it’s ugly head.

Did I make the right choice in sharing my before and after photos?

Did I take the best pictures I could have?

Have I lost enough weight?

The truth is; no I didn’t. I could have hired a professional photographer to take my pictures. I could have lost a few more pounds. I could have asked them to wait.

But the reality is, that is just doubt coming knocking at my door. He really is the best salesman in the world, he always shows up at the right time.

Realistically; I’ve lost 69.4 lbs and will hit my goal weight any day now. These final 10 lbs have been the hardest. I should be proud. And I am. But doubt keeps on knocking.

Losing massive weight isn’t purely about the physical weight loss, it’s also about your mind and willpower.

And that’s when I remember that I started this whole thing for fun. And it’s been fun, the whole time.

So where am I going with this?

If you’re struggling with starting; don’t.

If you’re struggling with sharing your progress; don’t.

Don’t set any expectations. Just dive in. Come on this journey with me. Pretend I’m holding your hand and leading you in. You really have nothing to lose.

And, I’m a huge fan of sharing your progress.

1. Your friends will hold you accountable.

2. Someone else will jump on this journey with you.

#2 is probably the coolest part. Someone you never expected, will find motivation in your actions, and ask for advice.

For me; that was my dad. He’s struggled with weight his whole adult life. He jumped on the @loseitapp bandwagon and dropped 40 pounds like it was a backpack he could just take off.

Find your motivation, cast aside your doubt, and take the plunge.

Tell doubt to fuck off.

And grab life by the balls.

You are a Pink Starburst, and it’s time to Stop Saying, and Start Fucking Doing.


  1. Love it. You Are truly an Inspiration. Keep sharing your story. Love the pink starburst quote. I will steal it one day. Congratulations. Super pumped for you

    1. Thank you so much Toni


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