The Final 10 – Proud of Yourself

This guy hates being photographed. 📸

There aren’t many pictures of him out there that he’s proud of.

With the exception of photos of his tired ass, with greasy hair, holding each of his sons for the first time. He doesn’t like to share his photos. He could also mention his wedding 💒 pics, but he couldn’t button the tux.

But this picture on your right makes the cut.


Sure it could be better quality, but it’s real. Let’s be honest, we don’t all have Instagram ready bathrooms.

The guy on your left, couldn’t button that vintage corduroy jacket over his belly. So he hid behind @de_la_liv

And he couldn’t understand why 3 ladies, so full of life, drug his lazy ass to the company Holiday party to be a part of their Chanel 4 News costume theme.

@urfavorite6footer @iweezy_

Can’t you see how excited he was to pose for a photo?

But, they saw something in him, that he couldn’t see in himself.

Fast forward from 2015 to 2019

Call him a hoarder for saving it, but the guy on the right can wrap that jacket around himself now.

Same jacket, same guy, new found enthusiasm for life.

The guy on the right has lost 65 pounds in 10 months.

He wakes up in the morning with a new found vigor he hasn’t felt in 20 years.

He looks forward to a workout, he quit smoking, he gets down on the floor to wrestle his sons. He races them across the house, he takes time to teach anyone who will listen, how to change their own life.

For anyone struggling with their weight, down on themselves, saying one of these days I’ll do something.

I am, that guy. These pictures are of me.

And I ask, why not today?

Quit with the bullshit excuses.

Stop saying, and start fucking doing.

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