The Final 10 – Sticks and Stones

How words impact your self-image.

A human skeleton with abnormally large bones

We’ve all heard the tale, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never break (hurt) me.

Did you know?

This saying dates back to the 1800’s.  Those of you, who thought this had something to do with millennials and participation trophies can relax, you’re wrong.  The saying is older than your great grandparents who survived the Great Depression and WWII.

Big Guy/Big Boned

People say it likes it’s a term of endearment and you get used to it, like it’s who you are. Hey “big guy.” Or, “you’re just big boned.”

I’ve been there, at 6’3 270lbs, you are by all means a “big guy.”  You’re intimidating, you’re a force.  No smaller person, in their right mind, would mess with you in a physical confrontation.

Or, for someone unhappy with their weight, your mom might say,

“you’re just big boned.”

It gets into your head, you’re big, mighty, and intimidating.  You get comfortable with it and it becomes a part of you.

But what if you had to use your size in a fight, or a basketball game, or to help a friend move?  Let’s get real.  Unless you’re working out like Arnold, you’re not ready for any of these tasks. You get winded easily and your back or knees hurt after.  You might as well be a “teddy bear.”

Deep down you’re out of shape, weak, and tired of your pants not fitting right.  But people keep building that ego.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if “big guy” or “big boned,” felt like being called “fat-ass” or “tubby?”  Because, really, that’s what someone is calling you, you’re just not hearing the meaning because society has made it normal.

I want you to get this out of your head right now, it’s not your identity, it’s your current situation, it can be temporary, and it’s not a compliment.

It’s time to stop saying, and start doing.  Get up off of your ass and make one small change tomorrow, then another, and another, and before you know it, someone may walk by you and say, “hey skinny.”

I promise you, “hey skinny,” will make you blush the first time you hear it.

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